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Wills & Estates

Thinking about one’s own mortality is not something most of us like to do.   Despite death being one of life’s certainties.   It is important to think about what you wish to happen to your assets or financial resources when you die.   Equally important is proper advice to put your affairs in order.

A will should be tailored for the individual and her circumstances.  Every will should have inbuilt contingency plans because one can never be certain as to whom will survive you and the circumstances at the time of your death.   If you already have a will then you should review the will if there is a significant change in your personal circumstances or at different stages of life, for example, on retirement, divorce or when all your children have reached adulthood.

It is also advisable to consider making plans for the management of your affairs during your lifetime by appointing attorneys or enduring guardians.  These matters are best discussed in person.

Superannuation is the biggest or second biggest asset most people will own.   You should seek advice about your superannuation including death benefits or reversionary pensions.   We are able to assist you with legal arrangements.  We do not give financial or superannuation advice.  You should speak to your accountant or financial planner in this regard.