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Family Law

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, it is an emotional and stressful time.   There are many things to navigate from living arrangements, parenting issues, to sorting out the finances.  

In family law matters, parties must attempt to resolve their differences with a view to reaching an agreement on parenting arrangements or settling property and financial matters between them.   This is where professional legal advice and representation is important.

The role of a lawyer is not to inflame emotions but to advise and act for clients in preparation, negotiations, mediation, or litigation.   We are mindful of legal costs and the benefits of securing an early and satisfactory outcome for clients.   Our stock standard advice to clients in family law property matters is that the asset pool for division is finite and the higher the legal costs the less remains for division between the parties.   That said, we do not advocate agreements for expediency and minimising legal costs at the expense of a fair outcome.

In her career before admission as a legal practitioner, our principal worked in the local courts administration and was actively involved in a domestic violence court users forum.   The measure of the forum’s success was the particular local court having and maintaining the lowest withdrawal rate of domestic violence complaints in New South Wales.  This achievement was significant and predated the current law requiring Police to apply for domestic violence orders.  Our principal’s commitment to the safety of families remains paramount.